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We Love a Night Game

October 4, 2013

The problem with night games…you know…the ones that last until 11:30…is that you don’t get out of the stadium, the parking lot, or into your home until the next morning. But…that being said…we love night games.

There’s something about playing, cheering, shouting, celebrating under the lights with 80,000 of your closest “friends.” The screen is a little brighter, the fireworks are a little bigger, and you don’t have to sweat as much. Listen…I get it…the games are better…in nearly every respect.

But that shouldn’t be a built-in excuse for us to forsake the corporate worship with the family of faith on the Lord’s Day. Now, I won’t be at the game this week. However, I will more than likely watch every last second of it. Even if that means I have to suffer through listening to Jesse Palmer’s attempts to psychoanalyze every player on the field, endure his nearly meaningless experience of playing for coach Spurrier, and look at his all-too-neat haircut every five minutes during what will surely be a three-hour broadcast (the struggle is real…and yes, my hair is ridiculous).

Let me encourage you all to keep priorities where they should be. We stand in awe of the catch, the run, the throw…instead of standing in awe of the One who created the bodies…who formed them…who knitted them together (Psalm 139) in such a way as to accomplish these feats. We dedicate a day (driving, parking, tailgating, walking, standing in line, watching, yelling, walking some more, tailgating, exiting, driving, sitting in more traffic…and then watching the highlights on SportsCenter) to watching young men run around on a field, playing with a ball. What a shame that we live out what Paul wrote in Romans 1:25, “they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.” We give to man so much more than what we give to God…and we do this all too often. Consider the amount of energy, the money, and the time that we will spend to watch a game, or go to a show, or any other activity that we are passionate about.

Mumford is right…where you invest your love…you invest your life. That’s a poetic way of saying “worship.” Investing your life is worshiping.  And we invest in what we love.  We worship what we love.  Be in your church this Sunday. Be there early. Stick around for a bit after and meet some new people. You’re going to get home.  You’re probably going to take a nap (or even watch another game) later anyway.  Imagine what might happen if our lives reflected a love for God…a desire to worship our Savior Jesus Christ…more than it displayed a love for our favorite team.  The world just might notice.  There are no fair-weather Christians.  

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